Nowadays, people are using emails commonly for different purposes, which absolutely make our lives faster and simpler as well. In this traditional mailing system, the processing time is unlimited. First of all, all the email users should know how the email system works more efficiently. Even many of us are unknown of what goes on after the prospects. Basically, email stands for electronic mail, which is a traditional kind of computer based communication. Now, people often use this dial-up terminal to access them and each machine held storage for so many users. However, this email is composed of a mail client.

Normally, the email communication is done through three protocols in common such as POP, IMAP and SMTP. Here, POP stands for post office protocol, which is commonly used for incoming emails. The POP usually downloads a whole email into the local system and then deletes the data on the server, once it is downloaded fully. However, this is highly supportive in a server with minimal free memory.  Also, the IMAP stands for Internet Mail Access Protocol, which is used while getting an email. The last is SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol in which email is sent by using this protocol.

Working principle of email

The process of email is transmitting data from your system to an intended recipient. Below are some essential terms that you should know about email sending process that include:

Mail Server

It is a computer application that obtains incoming emails from the local users and also remote senders as well as forwards outgoing email for distribution. There are couples of mail servers used for outgoing emails such as MTAs, i.e. mail transfer agents and MDAs, i.e. mail delivery agents and it helpful to send emails easily to any part of the world.


The term DNS stands for Domain Name System. The main purpose of DNS is to translate the domain names to the internet protocol addresses and vice versa. Here, the DNS is used to discover the mail server of other side. This data is actually retrieved from the DNS and then email message is sent to a specific email address.

How to systematize incoming email processing?

In general, every email marketer obtains a lot of emails. Whether they are transmitting emails, it requires to be processed. Manually, processing incoming emails can be a most challenging thing. There are several formats of emails that should be checked, evaluated and categorized as well. First of all, you have to read each email, discover the data you want extract it and add to your database or delete a record from database or save the data to a file or whatever you want to perform with the obtained information.

Once the message is processed, you can send a reply instantly to the customer. After the rule is setting up and working, it will process the emails on background. However, this program works as a service and then automatically begins every time while you switch your PC on.

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