Touch his audience. Provide him with personalized and useful advice. These are the pillars of inbound marketing. If work on content is essential (blogging, sales page, white paper, etc.), emailing is just as important. To go further in the customer relationship, we must now think in terms of personalization of content.

Like many sites and platforms that suggest products or services based on your interests, customizing your marketing emails could be a very effective conversion tool.

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Customize the subject of your email

Nothing better than speaking directly to the recipient of your message, to start a personalized broadcast.

When a customer or prospect subscribes to your newsletter or enters his address to get a free product (guide, e-book, etc.), he usually gives his name. It is therefore easy to use this data to address you directly to him and to finish with the too general contents.

Customize email subject

  • Send your message as a person
  • Take the test for yourself. Will you more easily open a message sent by a person (surname and first name appearing in the mailbox), or by a company?
  • In an inbox already saturated, the eye will be more likely to linger on a first name than the name of a company.
  • In addition, sending an email using a first name and / or a name helps to humanize the communication of your brand. You convey a more positive message to your customers and show them that a real human being is the author of these lines.

Use segmentation

According to the SNCD , the number of emails sent continues to increase (133.79 billion in 2017). Yet the number of messages per person is down with an average of 7.06 per day. What should this be? To a new way of understanding emailing: segmentation.

Indeed, when you browse a website, you will not necessarily look for the same thing as another user. On an e-commerce site, some will be passionate about electronics when others will prefer literature.

In the same way, an information site can captivate you for its advice in personal development while others will be more sensitive to marketing methodologies that result.

For all these reasons, segmenting your audience is an essential key to personalizing your campaigns.

The benefits of segmentation are diverse:

  • Improved open rate and click rate
  • Customizing the customer relationship
  • Care of the brand image and demarcation of the competition
  • Migration to peer-to-peer communication
  • Reduction of costs related to email routing

Customize the contents of your mails

  • Direct consequence of the segmentation: the personalization of the messages.
  • The purchase history of a subscriber, or the contents consulted as well as his geographical data for example, are all elements to be exploited to create personalized content. All of which is to bring a real added value to your readers.
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